Drive to Take HR Into Digital Era
Gains Pace In Cambodia
11 Oct 2017

The world of traditional HR is being rapidly disrupted as Cloud, Social, Mobile & Analytics continue to change the way businesses are run across South East Asia. In order for companies to keep pace with these trends, it is essential to take their HR processes into the digital era in order to meet these challenges head on. This was the headline message delivered by Microimage partner, VDB Loi, at the recent 47th CAMFEBA HR Conference, held from 2nd to 3rd October in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

“Disrupt or be disrupted,” says Dara Ouk, Business Development Manager of VDB Loi. “In today’s dynamic environment, companies need to rapidly respond and transform to stay ahead of the curve. Taking HR into the digital era with a platform that is designed for the future generation of digital natives is the only way organisations will be able to attract, retain and motivate the right talent and remain relevant.”

By 2020, these digital natives will comprise more than 50 percent of the global workforce, bringing a new set of challenges. Employee engagement and development; attracting top talent; retaining and rewarding this talent and; performance management are just some of the issues to be addressed by business leaders and HR professionals.

Delegates at the Conference heard how moving to digital platforms via cloud, mobile, social and analytics will facilitate more open communication with instant feedback and recognition, more frequent assessments and greater social collaboration. “Organisations, and their employees, can leverage video, social and mobile to drive on-demand learning, anytime anywhere on any device,” adds Dara.

The digital HCM Cloud solution, developed by Microimage HCM Asia, enables companies to maximise the full potential of digital while receiving a consumer-grade user experience that is intuitive and interactive. The solution works seamlessly across all devices including mobile. “HCM Cloud enables seamless scaling across functionalities, where organisations can innovate and deliver compelling services to all their stakeholders,” says Dara.

Microimage HCM Asia, a partner of Asia-based technology firm OMESTI Group, first established a formal partnership with VDB Loi when it set up in Myanmar in late 2015. HCM Cloud was customised for the local Myanmar market using VDB Loi’s extensive local knowledge and expertise.

HCM Asia Director Harsha Purasinghe confirms, “Expanding our profile in the IndoChina region through our exclusive partnership with VDB Loi is an important part of our growth plans. Cambodia is a rapidly evolving market and companies here are keen to ensure they capture and retain the best talent for their growing organisations. HCM Cloud can help them achieve this and in a flexible way.” HCM Cloud is available on an As-A-Service subscription basis enabling companies to access the latest technology without large capital outlays up front.

VDB Loi’s Managing Partner Jean Loi adds, “The Cambodia market is very dynamic, particularly with regard to HR. Having already customised the HCM Cloud solution for Myanmar using our knowledge of the local environment there, this has given us an excellent grounding for taking the solution to other markets in the region.”

HCM Cloud offers a comprehensive platform from Core HR to talent management with features that include advanced organisation set-up for multi-country/group structures, advanced workflows, configurable business rules, natural language query and people analytics. HCM Cloud runs on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, selected for its security and efficiency, key considerations when deploying a solution in the HR space.