New Digital Platform MAESTRO Set to Revolutionise Music Royalties Space
29 Apr 2019


In a complex, multi-stakeholder environment such as the music industry, ensuring that the interests of all parties are served in an equitable and transparent manner is an ongoing challenge for licensing bodies, music associations and rights holders alike.

Obtaining a licence to play music, paying for that licence, collection of royalties, subsequent identification of the correct rights holders and distribution of those royalties to the respective recipients is an arduous, time-consuming process. One that it is still largely manual. Until now.

Digital solutions provider Amadeus Digital Xpress has made it possible to meet these diverse requirements in an integrated seamless manner with its new digital platform MAESTRO. The multi-module platform, which has been launched at the KLJamm Forumuzik & Expo in Kuala Lumpur this week, is an end-to-end digital royalties collection and distribution system.


Amadeus CIO Louis Tan says, “We consulted with music industry professionals and our team has developed a solution to bring all the elements, each with their respective needs, together in one single platform. By digitising the entire process – from collection to tracking to distribution – we hope to completely transform the royalties space in Malaysia and beyond.”

Maestro helps licensees - venues, pubs, event organisers, retailers, malls – find and apply for the correct licence for the music they want to play. This is done through a simple intuitive step-by-step process, all completed online in a matter of minutes. Interface with a selection of online payment portals is an important component of the platform.


Licensing bodies gain a clear picture of which venues/events are licensed, helping to expedite the collection of royalties. For licensees, Maestro also provides friendly alerts and reminders, enabling them to remain compliant and no longer be hampered by time-consuming manual procedures.

Maestro can be easily adapted to specific local regulatory environments and is customisable for a complex range of licence categories. An added bonus is that it can be made available in multiple languages.

A key feature is that Maestro can track which music is being played at venues and provide reliable data for royalties to be calculated. This is can be performed either via uploading songs lists or by using a customised tracking device, the Amadeus Reko Box. “Maestro’s tracking feature is quite simply revolutionary. The system identifies and verifies tracks and then that data is supplied for fast and accurate calculation of royalties earned by and due to the respective rights holders,” adds Louis.

The Music Industry Register module serves as a valuable digital reference source for licensing bodies to keep a record of qualified members and registered songs. It also enables rights holders to register new material and to raise and resolve any disputes they may have.

When it comes to royalty distribution, Maestro enables faster and more accurate calculation of royalties earned by the respective recipients. It also provides a clear picture of how those royalties have been earned, from which sources and what has been paid or is owing.


“The enhanced transparency that Maestro will bring to the music industry cannot be understated,” adds Louis. “Licensing bodies will be able to carry out their responsibilities more effectively. Licensees can be reassured that they are staying compliant. And rights holders across the spectrum will receive royalties in an open and expedient manner. It’s a win-win all round.”
Amadeus Digital Xpress is a member of OMESTI Group.

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