Improving national court infrastructure
Integrated court management system

eFILING for lawyers
  • New cases available for online search
  • Automated calculation of fees based on case type
  • Reduction in case backlog
  • Virtual storage platform
  • Old cases can be barcoded

eFILING for court staff
  • Distinct roles & user settings for scanning, filing & case management
  • Clear delineation for each level of court
  • Transparent assigning of cases
  • Integrated scanning & upload of documents
  • Case registration & auto-application of fees based on document type
  • Efficient file search, tracking & audit trail of all cases
  • Flexible self-managed reports for management information
  • Automated archival & back-up for secure storage

Case & queue management system
  • Issues unique case number upon registration
  • Schedules cases based on routing rules
  • Automatically updates cause list or case roll
  • Registrars can record case progress & notes live during case mention / management
  • Integrated Queue Management System [QMS] for lawyers to register attendance
  • QMS integrated with SMS gateway to notify both parties upon start of session
  • Redirects case information to Court Recording & Transcription & QMS components for scheduling
  • Customisable for specific needs eg Probate/ BKM (caveat directory), Powers of Attorney
  • Online search by case number
  • Results made available for court staff viewing
  • Self-service at kiosk

Court recording & transcription
  • Full audio & visual recording of proceedings
  • ‘Viewer’ software available for download and playback
  • Annotation of questions or bookmarking during live recording
  • Caseviewer (post-trial) to play back recording with ability to toggle between 5 audio channels
  • Multiple transcribers can listen to the recording at one time, real-time or post-trial
  • Pre-trial scheduler to lock in cases per judge
  • Integrates with evidence presentation stands & videoconferencing
  • Records everything, no need for judge to take notes
  • Clear digital recording of audio and visual, indicating specific party speaking
  • Annotated recording with questions and indexing for easy search
  • Real-time or post-trial access for transcribers from anywhere

eCOURTS consulting services
  • Review and recommend court technology blueprint & implementation plan
  • Design of specific technology & specialised court layout & components
  • Detailed knowledge of court operation enables design of system processes by case type
  • Holistic design of archival, backup & optimisation processes to ensure data security & adequate storage
  • Consulting with all levels of court from chief justice to filing clerks for optimum design
  • Detailed SOPs & planning of maintenance and support
  • Advice on specific procurement of hardware & software
  • Flexibility of integration with payment systems & third party databases
  • Regular data patching, cleansing & large scale migration
  • Monthly management reports on revenue & filing stats
  • HelpDesk System to log lawyers’ & court staff queries
  • Ongoing enhancements to functionality