Digital Property Auction System Goes Live
30 Aug 2017

“This is an important milestone in the roll-out of the new digital court infrastructure platform that we have developed." Nurman Rummel Sanusi, COO OMESTI eCOURTS.

Digital Property Auction System Goes Live
As Part of OMESTI eCOURTS Platform


New facility to provide greater transparency and efficiency for buyers and sellers

Online court auctions of real estate properties are now possible following the launch of the eLelong digital bidding system, as part of the eCOURTS platform currently being rolled out across Malaysia by the OMESTI Group. Designed and developed by the team at OMESTI, the eLelong system enables those interested in bidding for real estate to join in auctions in real-time through any electronic medium with internet access.

Among the key benefits brought by the system are greater transparency, enhanced security and confidentiality, as well as improved efficiency. Registered bidders save time and expense by not having to travel to court to join an auction. Instead, they will be able to take part via smartphone, tablet or other device over the internet, even if they are overseas. The identity of bidders will remain confidential and market price on the properties to be sold will also be easier to achieve.

COO of OMESTI’s eCOURTS division, Nurman Rummel Sanusi, said, “This is an important milestone in the roll-out of the new digital court infrastructure platform that we have developed for Malaysia’s Court Department. It will help bring greater transparency to the auction process for real estate and is in line with the judiciary’s strategy to bring all court operations into the digital space.”

The process begins with the defendant’s lawyer submitting the case documents for sale of the property via the eCOURTS eFILING module. The documents are then reviewed and entered into the Case Management module by the Court Officers. Once the date is fixed for auction, the details are input in the eLelong module where interested parties can view, register as bidders and submit bids once the auction begins.

The original idea of introducing an online bidding system for court auctions of real estate was first proposed by former Chief Justice of Malaysia Tun Arifin bin Zakaria back in 2014. Various studies were subsequently conducted by the Chief Registrar’s Office on introducing such a system at the 15 High Court locations across Peninsular Malaysia. The initial pilot of the system has been brought on stream in Kuantan, Pahang, the location of the eLelong Operations Centre, and will be extended to other states across the country in due course.

The system is designed with the flexibility to allow updates and amendments to be made by the Court Administrator and also to send email alerts to registered bidders if a new bid has been received on a specific property. There are currently three auction slots open per day, each lasting one hour.


Under the eCOURTS Project, the new digital platform is being rolled out to 20 locations across Peninsular Malaysia enabling the judiciary, court officers and lawyers to perform case filing, case management and checking of cause lists electronically, for civil and criminal cases.

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