OMESTI Kicks Off ANAHO Initiative With Chow Kit Children
17 Apr 2018


Leading technology solutions provider OMESTI has launched its ANAHO Foundation initiative with a pilot programme aimed at helping young children living on the streets of the Chow Kit District in Kuala Lumpur.

The ANAHO Foundation sets out to identify and provide opportunities for young Malaysians to maximise their potential. “By helping young Malaysians develop a strong sense of ambition, paired with curiosity and creativity, the ANAHO Foundation hopes that these young people, who may not otherwise have such opportunities, will become the best they can be. Along with this, the aim is to instil a strong set of values, while fostering a spirit of culture, enriching these people’s lives,” says OMESTI Executive Director Mah Xian-Zhen.

One of the key principles of the ANAHO Foundation is also to generate awareness within the community of other people’s circumstances. “We need to remind ourselves on a daily basis to be grateful for what we are fortunate enough to have,” adds Xian.

For the inaugural programme with the Chow Kit children, OMESTI Group employee Chan notes, “Many of the children that roam the streets of the Chow Kit area are undocumented and have no opportunity to receive a formal education. We want to inspire such children and help empower them to achieve more in their lives in spite of their current circumstances.”

OMESTI colleagues worked with the children during two special workshops held at the Group’s Technology Hub offices. The sessions were designed to show the youngsters how to better themselves with all the tools at their disposal, and in particular how to build resilience.

The first session, a Lego workshop, helped the children gain a better understanding of themselves and clearly identify their individual goals. The second session, focusing on computer repair, was designed to show the children the importance of being resourceful in helping them to become self-sufficient.



Feedback received from the children was highly positive with many saying they wanted the programme to be longer and some even expressing a desire to work at OMESTI. “During the Lego workshop, it felt like we are building our future and it made us believe in ourselves and that we are capable of achieving our respective dreams.”


The activity ended with a special Chinese New Year celebration held together with OMESTI staff designed to give employees an insight into the challenges that exist for some members of our local community.

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