OMESTI Launches ‘Suara Kami’ Platform To Enable Automated Transcription of Bahasa Melayu
04 Oct 2019


Kuala Lumpur: 04 October 2019: The OMESTI Group is plugging the gap in the world of Voice Recognition and Speech-To-Text solutions with the development of a voice platform that will enable automated transcription of Bahasa Melayu. The platform, known as ‘Suara Kami’, was launched today in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the Law Asia International Conference on Constitutional & Rule of Law. The highly prestigious conference line-up was headed by YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia who presented the keynote address.

Suara Kami is a community initiative by OMESTI that works by combining voice frequencies with Machine Learning to build an engine able to successfully transcribe Bahasa Melayu audio into text. As more phrases are recorded and verified, so the model will learn to recognise the words being spoken. As the database expands it will ultimately enable automatic transcription of speech in Bahasa Melayu. The project is being operated as a crowd-sourced collaborative effort with participation from the legal fraternity, academia, the corporate sector, machine learning experts and the public.


Mr Gerard Monteiro, Executive Director of OMESTI Berhad, said, “Currently, most voice recognition technologies are expensive and proprietary. Building an open-source technology requires an extensive amount of user data and validation. At OMESTI, we wanted to make this type of voice recognition publicly available and develop a solution that reflects the diversity of the Malaysian population and its many Bahasa Melayu variations. There are several voice platforms already in existence but none that are available on an open source basis for Bahasa Melayu. That’s what makes Suara Kami unique.”

OMESTI will also provide professional services that expand upon the base project for domain-specific applications such as legal, medical and education among others.

Mathieu Chauvinc, OMESTI’s Group Chief Technology Officer, added, “The use of voice to control devices, websites and search engines is becoming increasingly popular. Voice technologies have particular importance for the visually impaired or people with physical disabilities.
The Suara Kami platform is resistant to background noise and is able to accommodate regional accents as well as handle mixed language.” The initiative will also help to raise awareness of Machine Learning in Malaysia and in particular in collaborations with universities.

Nurman Rummel Sanusi, COO of OMESTI’s eCOURTS Division, said, “There is significant potential to be gained by court infrastructure adopting next-generation technologies such as Automated Speech-To-Text. Court Recording & Transcription Systems have evolved considerably over the years but with this initiative for Bahasa Melayu and its variants, there can be a big step change in the speed, accuracy and efficiency of transcription.” The OMESTI Group is also exploring other technologies for deployment in courts such as eJUDGMENT, Case Management System for digital evidence, remote remand proceedings and eSENTENCING for cases such as traffic offences.


In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy, the full Suara Kami model will require thousands of sentences to be recorded and verified. To take part, people can visit

OMESTI GROUP: Mr Nurman Rummel Sanusi – COO eCOURTS
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OMESTI Berhad is a Malaysian-based public listed grouping of companies that provides a range of digital and data solutions designed to improve business performance and deliver innovation through leveraging technology. It works with large enterprises across multiple industry sectors including financial and insurance institutions, regulatory bodies, judiciary, telecommunications, utility and energy firms and government departments. It is a pioneer in the digitisation of court infrastructure systems, with its proprietary eCOURTS solution now rolled out at 20 principal locations across the country. The fully integrated solution comprises eFILING, Case Management for civil and criminal cases, mobile app, Court Recording & Transcription and an eLELONG platform for court auctions. The Group also active in the SME space providing as-a-service solutions that include business process management, human capital management, e-payments systems, video analytics and cloud accounting.

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